When I served as Immediate Past President at the National Kitchen and Bath Association, NKBA took on the task of reviewing our governance structure and process. NKBA retained John as our consultant for this project.

John brought a very impressive level of expertise on and knowledge of association best practices regarding association governance and board processes and he was able to communicate these issues effectively to the NKBA member and staff leadership. John also conducted an analysis of NKBA’s governance structure and process and was able to offer proposals and ideas on how we could get better at how we conduct our work.

John’s facilitation skills were outstanding and he worked tirelessly to bring out the best in the NKBA members during our multiple sessions with him. John was then able to take all of the work from these sessions and turn it into effective communication pieces for NKBA.

The result of John’s work with NKBA is a much more effective and efficient board governance structure and process.

John was professional, very open to input and ideas and a joy to work with throughout this process. I would highly recommend John on any number of association and public policy projects and initiatives.

National Kitchen & Bath Association LOGO

John Morgan

Morgan Pinnacle, LLC. – Manufacturer’s Rep (Kitchen & Bath Industry)

I have known John for a number of years and have had the pleasure of working with him while he was CEO at the American Physical Therapy Association and we both served on ASAE’s Key Professional Association Committee. Our relationship continued when I asked him to assist the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), where I serve as CEO, with a board development project.

John’s specific assignment was to train AGD’s leaders on new approaches for conducting their work. His two-day session included a review of association best practices, a discussion on the respective roles of Board members and staff, and an examination of different ways to conduct board meetings. John’s ability to facilitate the session with a challenging group of leaders was impressive and he helped the Board members address some difficult issues.

John was very flexible during the development and preparation for the session and was very receptive to input from the AGD leadership on the goals and objectives for the meeting. He kept an even keel during these preparations and was able to put together a great session for AGD.

Anyone conducting a board development initiative should call John.

Academy of General Dentistry

John Thorner

Executive Director/CEO
Academy of General Dentistry

The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation asked John to facilitate a session of post-acute care associations in order to develop patient-centered principles to help guide post-acute care reform. Participants in the session included staff and volunteer leaders from the primary trade association in post-acute care.

Working with AAPM&R leadership, John designed a project that included a survey of the participants to obtain their views on patient-centered principles. John’s facilitation of the session was excellent. Everyone had the opportunity to share their views and John was able to assist the group with coming to consensus on the patient-centered principles. In a room with some very strong personalities, John was able to ensure full participation by all attendees and helped to ensure that all of the groups felt like their input was heard.

All of the groups were very pleased with the session and with the results. I would strongly recommend John to any group who is looking for a consultant to design and facilitate a meeting of diverse groups with the goal of coming to consensus and agreement on challenging issues. John’s work was outstanding.

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Tom Stautzenbach

Executive Director
American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The Financial Planning Association was fortunate to have asked John to assist us with a review of our CEO performance assessment process. As a former CEO of a major association, John was able to bring “real world” experience to this review as well as strong knowledge on best association practices when performing annual reviews for CEOs.

While bringing forward an impressive amount of information on the CEO performance review process, John also tailored the process to fit the history and culture of our association. John was able to inculcate this into the final proposal that was presented to our leadership.

I enjoyed working with John and he clearly loves the work that he does in assisting association leaders. At all times John was professional, available and open to new ideas.

Lauren Schadle

Executive Director/CEO
Financial Planning Association

I worked with John Barnes when I worked at Lions Club International as Senior Membership Operations Manager and was the lead in coordinating the 2014 Service Club Leaders Conference. John presented at the Conference on the challenges and opportunities facing service club leaders. John conducted a survey of the Conference participants to ascertain their views on the issues facing service club leaders then developed and facilitated a session that focused on the issues identified, including strategic planning, communications, finance and budget, change management, and membership.

John was very knowledgeable on association management issues and was able to bring his expertise to bear as he developed the content for the meeting and facilitated the session. He did an excellent job at helping the group grapple with some very challenging issues and was able to challenge some preconceived notions about the association management issues facing service clubs. I enjoyed working with John very much.


Sue Haney
Assocation membership leader
Lions International

John and I worked together when he served as a facilitator for a 2-day retreat sponsored by ASAE Foundation. The retreat served as an extension of a body of research that had recently been conducted on models of member engagement, and brought together CEOs, association membership staff and association management company leaders to discuss innovative approaches for establishing and maintaining member engagement strategies. John was effective in illuminating ideas and perspectives from a diverse group of association professionals to reach consensus on key research implications, and to prioritize recommendations for potential application of the research.

The results of the research (conducted by four independent research teams) and the retreat were compiled in an ASAE publication “Exploring the Future of Membership,” of which John was a co-author.

John’s professionalism was exemplary throughout all phases of the planning and execution of the retreat, and eventual publication of the research findings. He listened intently to the diverse views being expressed by all parties, and was able to effectively achieve the desired outcomes. He is an excellent facilitator; the feedback received on the post-retreat evaluation is indicative of the caliber of skills he consistently delivers.

American Society of Association Executives
Sharon Moss
Chief Research Officer
ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

The National Pest Management Association asked John to facilitate a session for our staff on managing email and how to effectively use smartphone devices. John presented a number of thought-provoking, and even controversial, ideas to the group and facilitated a discussion on these issues and how they affect time management.

The session was informative and very fun. John was able to get the entire group to participate and discuss how we use our devices as individuals and how we can use some “rules of the road” as a staff team so that we are more effectively and efficiently working with one another. His presentation and facilitation skills were excellent and he brought an energy that was contagious and brought out the best from everyone.

I would strongly recommend John as a facilitator and speaker on a wide range of challenging issues facing associations.

National Pest Management Association
Janay Rickwalder
Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Membership
National Pest Management Association

Quota International has worked with Barnes Association Consultants on two projects: Board and leadership development and a review of Quota’s governance documents.  On the governance documents review project, John was quite knowledgeable and did a great job of producing a high quality, logical analysis and proposal in a very short period of time that ultimately our board members were pleased with.  He helped us to think innovatively about how to improve our governance and envision a future where our governance system is more efficient and effective.

On the Board and leadership project, John was able to bring his extensive experience in working with Boards of Directors to help our elected board members and other regional and club  leaders improve the way that they lead their members and share Quota’s mission in 269 communities in 12 countries around the world.

On both projects, John listened intently and with his positive approach and extensive experience was able to move our discussions into actionable plans quickly.

Barbara Schreiber

Executive Director
Quota International

The National Restaurant Association utilized the services of Barnes Association Consultants on the facilitation of our annual State Leadership Symposium.  The Symposium brings together our member and state leaders to discuss current best practices for Board leadership and association management.

John Barnes facilitated an excellent session with our leaders that touched on a range of issues that they experience as leaders of their state restaurant associations: roles and responsibilities of member and state executive leaders, the relationship between the Board and the CEO, decision-making process, strategic planning, the Board agenda, and volunteer group structures and processes.

The symposium went very smoothly, was very informative and our leaders enjoyed the session very much.

Rob Gifford

Executive Vice President, Strategic Operations and Philanthropy
National Restaurant Association

Our Board of Directors identified the need to greatly improve our strategic plan.  As our CEO, John directed the establishment of a new strategic plan and a strategic planning process that effectively connects our strategic plan to our budgeting process.  John fully appreciated the member leadership role of our Board of Directors and worked to ensure that Board decisions were driving the work of the association through the strategic planning process.

Scott R. Ward, PT, PhD
Former President
American Physical Therapy Association

When John came on board he directed the revamping of our public policy and advocacy approach, including reorganization of our staff and identification of key issues on our agenda.  This also included the creation of the Alliance of Specialty Medicine, a coalition of 15 medical specialty organizations representing hundreds of thousands of physicians across the country.  AAD was a leader of the Alliance and the work of this coalition led to specific achievements in physician payment and medical liability reform.

Darrell Rigel, MD
Former President and Secretary-Treasurer
American Academy of Dermatology