Strategic Planning

Barnes Association Consultants will help guide your leadership as they develop an effective strategic plan and a strategic planning process for putting that plan into action.

Strategic Plan Development. Not just a strategic plan… but a strategic planning process to ensure that the plan is being implemented appropriately and that the decisions of your Board of Directors are driving the work of your organization.

Budgeting for Strategic Planning. Without revenues dedicated to the goals and objectives of your strategic plan, your plan will go nowhere. We will help you develop a budgeting process that adequately funds your strategic plan to help ensure its success.

Annual Planning Calendar Development. Bringing all the various events and timelines together into one annual planning calendar will guarantee that your association is working to its highest potential and that it is reaching the expectations of your members.

Program Evaluation Process. The strategic planning process also includes a thorough review of your programs, services and initiatives to ensure that they are helping to achieve the goals in your strategic plan and helping to meet the needs and desires of your membership.

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