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barnes_blog_toiletAssociation boards of directors need to focus on several key responsibilities for which they are responsible: setting goals, determining policies, monitoring results, hiring the CEO, managing the performance of the board, developing leadership skills for board members, and placing limits on methods for achieving results.

The board of directors is the unique body at the association that must address these key responsibilities. The time and attention of the board of directors is a precious resource… and if the board is not totally focused on these key responsibilities than this precious resource is being wasted.

Another significant waste of the limited association resources is when board members attempt to do the work of the association staff. Not only are board members ignoring their key responsibilities and wasting the precious resource of the board’s time and attention when they attempt to do the work of association staff, they are needlessly wasting other resources of the association… including monetary resources and staff resources.

When board members interfere in staff work they are wasting resources because staff end up having to deal with a board member who is delving into the details of the association staff’s work. This wastes staff time as they attempt to diplomatically deal with a rogue board member. The association staff are the hired experts that are tasked to manage the association, do the work of the association and implement the decisions of the board. This is made monumentally more difficult when a board member is interfering in their ability to do the work they were hired to do.

This is not to say that the board does not have a fiduciary obligation to ensure that staff are doing the work as directed by the board of directors. This oversight role is very important and should be conducted at an appropriate high level. But if a board member is doing the work of staff they are not fulfilling this important fiduciary obligation.

Time is precious. Money is limited. Board members should not be wasting time and money by attempting to do staff work. The board of directors needs to be doing board work. They are the only ones that can do it.